About us


ZENGETŐ – Celebration of Hungarian Hemp

A multidisciplinary art project, agricultural mission and creative land-art camp.

Festival: 21-23/07/2017

Art camp: 17-23/07/2017

Place: In the midst of the hempfields of Lulla (Koppányvölgye) next to Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Do you have hemp? You do have it all!

Could it be fabric? Paper? Rope? Canvas? Lacquer? Biomass? Energy source? Medicine?

Cooking oil? Protein-source? Building material? Renewable? Environment friendly?

Recyclable? Land rehabilitater? Aircleaner? Can you eat it? Can you dress in it? Can you play it?

The answer is yes!

We believe the oblivion of hemp is absolutely undeserved therefore we invite you all to rediscover this wonderful plant and its many useful proceeds.

We would like to start this journey of the hemp-exploration in a creative way - departing from art.

This is one of the reasons why we have opened the doors of our artcamp inviting everybody to learn in a creative environment.

What is going to happen?

From the day of sowing we will be out there in the hempfields of Lulla in order to take care of the fields and document the life of the growing hemp… untill the harvest and beyond.

The festival’s home itself is going to be a piece of land-art which means an enormous mandala-labirynth trodden in the midst of a hempfield. Our purpouses are multidirectional:

we would like to draw back the attention to the potentialities of hemp and in the same time we would like to promote land-art in Hungary, which in our opinion is a beautiful way of expression of love and respect towards Nature.

The center of creation is going to be found in the biggest mandala of the several others under the name „Teremtő” (meaning „Creative force” in Hungarian).

Here will be the open gallery of different kinds of art: paintings besides statues and installations made of the harvested hemp. We provide our artists with not only the place to create but raw materials too.

Let’s celebrate our work together through dancing, music, meeting with each other, talking, listening, learning and relaxation.

Who we are…

…Is a group of hungarian art students, worshipers of Nature. We have major concerns towards our home, planet Earth, and we passionatley love creating.

Anything. With anyone.

Can you help us?

This art camp can only be realised by community financing.

By raising money in the first place we would like to develop the infrastructure of the festival.

But the more donation incomes, the more colourful this festival can be with even further lectures and concerts.

We accept and are happy for other kinds of donation too, not just money.

If you would like support us you can do it several ways by offering us some fabrics, textiles, grains, tools or carriage help. Join our volunteers group and help on the ground in return for two meals a day, and an unforgettable experience.

Everybody is welcomed.

Let’s have a great experience of community, teamwork and creative force!

We are thankful for every kind of support.

Cooperation Being this our first attempt to make an artistic festival come true, we would be happy to cooperate with other festivals too. In the spirit of sharing we offer to prepare a hemp installation at each helping festival’s, be your help infrastructure, network, information or the idea of a common project.

We are looking for the application of everybody who would like introduce his or her artistic self in the artcamp of Zengető, is willing to help or rather has ideas with which he or she would support our initiation. Everybody is welcomed!

If you would like to applicate, help u sor have any quistions do not hesitate to contact us at: